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Cortisol Tests and Diagnostics

A doctor might order a cortisol test if they see symptoms that suggest your levels are either too high or too low. Your cortisol blood level can be measured in three ways — through your blood, saliva, or urine. Often, this test is done twice in the same day – once in the morning, and again later in the afternoon, around 4 p.m. That’s because cortisol levels change a lot in the course of a day.

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Growth Hormone Therapy

Growth hormone therapy is provided with daily subcutaneous injections. To administer HGH more reliably, some pen devices can hide the needle so well that you cannot even see it when you are giving the injection. You can benefit from treatment in the aspects like increased bone density, better muscle mass, increased energy levels, improved exercise capacity, and reduced risk of heart disease.

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HRT for Men and Women

We provide a range of hormone replacement therapies including growth hormone replacement, HRT for women, TRT for men, thyroid replacement treatment, and Sermorelin therapy. Before assigning any type of hormone replacement therapy, our qualified specialists provide comprehensive diagnostics and make the lab testing to determine and evaluate the levels of hormone and analyze whether they comply with approved standards either for men or women.

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Peptides for Stress Relief

We are happy to offer peptide treatment packages aimed to improve your condition and change your life for the better. The mental health packages we offer are anti-depression and anti-anxiety, concentration and clarity, and sleep improvement. We use the peptides like Ginsenoside Rg3, Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin, NAD+ Nasal Spray, Selank Nasal Spray, Semax, CJC1295 w/Ipamorelin, Dihexa, and Sermorelin.

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  • My consultancy at Adrenal Fatigue Clinic was very understanding and gave me respect as a patient. Recently I became very tired, severe headaches, dizzy spells, and suffered from low esteem. I was prescribed 6 weeks of this anti-anxiety package just to try. My mood swings have all gone, and the other issues have all gone. I wish I had found the clinic sooner! I am really grateful to all the staff there for treating me with kindness and compassion.

    Jewelry Shop Owner

  • 4 months into my Testosterone Replacement Therapy and I have already noticed a significant difference in my mood and vitality. I no longer feel lethargic and I am experiencing better performance in physical activities. A doctor initially assessed my condition and has put me on a course tailored specifically for me that has been very beneficial. Highly recommended!


  • I am hugely thankful to the Adrenal Fatigue clinic. I was feeling very fatigued, low energy, low libido and not sleeping well at all. Everyone I spoke to about it largely brushed it off as just something that happens as you get older. It took being offered an exciting, albeit high pressure, career opportunity to spur me into making the appointment at the clinic. Currently I undergo Sermorelin therapy and I am happy.

    Shop Assistant

  • My energy levels were very very low to non existent, my mood was very low to depressed, I struggled to get 5-6 hours very poor quality sleep, and woke up feeling unrefreshed with high adrenaline levels. I felt like a zombie, put on weight, was unable to think straight, had very bad brain fog, and was unable to do anything due to very low energy levels. My diagnostics at the clinic showed me the real reason and now I take HGH for 3 months and feel much better.


  • On arrival at Adrenal Fatigue clinic, I was greeted by the cheerful receptionist who immediately put me at ease. The consultation was professional and comprehensive, the treatment was perfectly tailored to my needs, the premises were pristine yet relaxing and friendly. I woud not hesitate to recommend the clinic to any of my friends.


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